CosPlay Contest

Love CosPlaying?  Here’s a chance to showcase your own costume with a chance to win a cash prize!


1st Place: $300

2nd Place: $200

3rd Place: $100

4th Place: $50 Gift Card

The Judges:


SpaceLilliam from Space Clothing returns as a judge at the 2017 Rose City Anime Festival!  Lilliam is a talented & experienced fashion designer, and knows clothing construction inside and out.




Fantasy’s Soul Cosplay (Daina) will be a judge at the 2017 Rose City Anime Festival!  Daina is a master cosplayer and has won numerous awards for her costumes & craftmanship. (Photo credit: Murasaki Cosplay Photography)

Follow her on social media:

Facebook: Fantasy’s Soul Cosplay

Instagram: @fantasysheartandsoul


Stay tuned for more contest judge announcements!



CosPlay Contest Rules:

**Contestants must have a ticket to the Rose City Anime Festival.

**Preregistration is now closed, but you may still register at the festival***It is possible to enter at the event, but to be sure of securing your place, please fill out the form below, or send an email with the subject heading Cosplay Registration to:   If you email your entry, you will receive a return email acknowledgement. Entries are assigned in the order in which registrations are received.  Online registration cut-off is Oct. 19, 2017.  Include your real name as well as the name of the character you are portraying.

**Age 14 and up.

**Individual entries only (no groups).

**At least 60% of the costume must be personally made by the entrant. (NO PURCHASED, RENTED, OR BORROWED COSTUMES)  Unaltered store-bought assemblies of clothing to represent a “costume” are NOT allowed.

**Costume must be of an identifiable character, from any type of media (manga, video, game, etc.)  No characters that you have invented, (no comic, superhero or generic characters).

** Reference pictures are required. This includes screen captures, posters, or any other official medium that reveals the character’s full costume. The pictures should reveal different views of the character (i.e. front, back, sides). Do not assume judges know your costume or character. When entering by email, send in reference pictures with the application, or a link to an url.  Bring pictures with you if you are entering at the event.

**One person can enter more than one costume, but each costume must be worn by a different person.

**This is a family event, so please be appropriate.   The following are NOT allowed:  Nudity or the illusion of it, Body paint in place of clothing, or grotesque features. No excessive blood. No yaoi, yuri, hentai.

**Fake weapons only, with no sharp edges.  Fake guns of any type MUST have the orange tip, and cannot shoot any kind of projectile.  If a fake weapon is longer than 5 feet, or cannot be carried upright by your side, it must be left with the coat check staff except for use in the cosplay contest.

**If wings or other props extend more than 18″ from the side of the body, please leave them off until the cosplay contest.

**By entering the contest, participants agree that their image can be used for advertising purposes.

**It is not possible to wait for anyone.  Anyone who does not come on stage when their name is called, is disqualified.

**Walk on, and pose on stage for no more than 2 minutes.  Walk to the center and stop.  If you wish, do a few poses and hold them, then walk off.

**No sexual poses–this is a family event.

**For safety reasons, no jumping or gymnastics.

**NOT allowed on stage:   food, animals, fire, liquids, smoke, dry ice, lasers,noises such as “poppers”, projectiles, etc.   Nothing that will cause a mess or damage.

**NO profanity, racist or political slurs or symbols are allowed.


You will be  judged on the following elements:

**Accuracy of the costume to the character being portrayed in your reference pictures.  :
**Complexity of the costume
**construction methods used
**creativity & innovation in use of materials or construction methods
**how well the costume is put together
**how well it fits the body of the person wearing it
**quality of materials used
**presentation   (in your poses as the character)
**Extra points may be awarded at judges discretion for extra-ordinary effort.
Decisions made by the judges are final, and there is no legal recourse.  Rose City Anime Festival will not be held responsible for damaged or lost costumes or property.